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1 The only place hair doesnt grow is is on soles of your feet, lips, eyelids and palms of your hands.
2 Hair grows faster in warmer climates! So book your holiday girls!
3 Hair grows at a rate of around 1.2 cm a month, worth thinking about if you have a cut every 6 weeks
4 Hair Unless pulled out unnaturally a single strand of hair can live for up to seven years.
5 Every time a hair falls out it will re-grow and will do this up to twenty times in a lifetime
6 Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body. The only thing faster is bone marrow.
7 Wet hair is super elastic and can stretch up to 30% without damage
8 If a man never shaved his beard it could grow over ten times his height….creepy
9 The first hair removers in history were the egyptians #cleopatra, girl after our own hearts
10  On average a woman will spend over 6 days a year, washing, blowdrying and styling her hair!
11  Lightening your hair in the sun is very damaging just like getting sunburn on your skin
12  Thinning hair affects 78% of men & women, all ages due to genetics, diet, stress & medication
13  Freshly shampooed hair doesn’t hold curls as easily. It’s best to shampoo the hair the day before
14  Eyebrows are naturally two shades darker than the hair on your head
15  Blondes have the greatest number of hair follicles followed by brunettes. Red heads have the least!
16  Your hair turns gray because pigment cells known as melanin become dysfunctional
17  Improve your hair condition through nutrition, especially oily fish and dark green veggies
18  Biotin deficiency causes brittle broken sad hair, eat beans jam packed full of Biotin
19  Cotton pillowcases are bad for snagging your hair. Switch to silk or satin for healthier hair
20  if you run out of conditioner , try using laundry conditioner it works the same!
21  Rinsing with cool water makes your hair shinier by closing the cuticle
22  Hair contains information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream
23  The only thing about you that can’t be identified by your hair is your gender
24  Red is the rarest hair colour and only exists in about 1 percent of the world’s population
25  The scientific term for split ends is “trichoptilosis.”
26  Goosebumps from cold or fear are result of hair follicles contracting, causing hair & skin to bunch up.
27  Hair is 50 % carbon, 21 % oxygen, 17 % nitrogen, 6 % hydrogen, & 5 % sulphur
28  Hair contains keratin, the same protein animals’ horns, hooves, claws, feathers, and beaks are made of.
29  A full head of hair is strong enough to support up to 10-12 tones. Almost two elephants!
30  On average a head of hair contains around 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair
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