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30 Strange And Interesting Hair Facts In 140 Characters Or Less

1 The only place hair doesnt grow is is on soles of your feet, lips, eyelids and palms of your hands. 2 Hair grows faster in warmer climates! So book your holiday girls! 3 Hair grows at a rate of around 1.2 cm a month, worth thinking about if you have a cut every 6 weeks 4 Hair Unless pulled out unnaturally a single strand of hair can live for up to seven years. 5 Every time a hair falls out it will re-grow and will do this up to twenty times in a lifetime 6 Hair is the...

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Seven Sensational Hairstyles For Hair Extensions

SEVEN GREAT IDEAS TO WEAR YOUR CLIP IN OR STICK TIP HAIR EXTENSIONS WELL When you wear hair extensions, it’s important that your hair looks ‘believable’. By that, we mean all the sections must blend in! It’s also important that if you curl your hair, there aren’t chunks of straight extensions hanging out below it – that’s a sure-fire giveaway. WHAT KIND OF HAIR DO YOU WANT? First of all – select the right kind of extensions. Real hair or synthetic? Real hair is obviously more versatile (and you won’t have to worry when you get near heat –...

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What Is Remy Hair?

One of the number one questions we are asked by our customers is what is Remy hair? Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality hair for hair extensions. Many often think it is hair from a certain region of the world such as Europe or countries like India; this is simply not true you can have Remy hair from all over the world. What it is really is a description of the characteristics of hair and the method used to collect the hair. The hair extensions are collected by holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting,...

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