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Hair Extension After Care

Hair Extensions after care guide

General Care

When you have hair extensions fitted do not wash your hair for 5 days, this allows time for the hair and scalp to settle.

As with anything new, the extensions are firmly fitted to your hair and the first 3 days they may feel a little tender on your scalp and tender while sleeping, this is normal and will settle after 3-5 days, during this time it is best to sleep on your side. The reason they are fitted tightly is to ensure longevity.

Wash your Hair extensions once or twice a week only. If you need to wash the top of your hair (crown and frontal area) more regular this can be done each day.

MOISTURISE everyday (very important), the extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so you need to have moisture added so spray in a little leave in conditioner everyday on mid lengths and ends. If you don’t moisturize your hair extensions they will become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends.

Always use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

*Never wash your hair upside down as this can cause the hair to knot and tangle and never tie towel up around your head.

Always Brush out all knots before you wash your hair, swim or sleep. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly using your hair extension brush.

Make sure you wash in between the micro rings to keep your scalp clean and free from bacteria. Also use good conditioner as normal, but also buy a cheap conditioner and after you have applied good conditioner, add to the mid lengths of hair add lots of cheaper condition this will make sure your hair is nice and soft.

Always tie your hair back at night using a soft scrunches or plat them to the side or behind, this will keep them tangle free during the night.

If sun bathing wear a hat or head scarf so that the sun does not dry out your extensions. This also applies to sun bed usage.

You will have to come back after 8-10 weeks to have your micro rings lifted this ensures longevity.

Hair extensions must be removed by a professional hair extension consultant after 3 months. If you leave them in for longer this may put the natural hair under strain from the root.

It is not recommend colouring or bleaching the hair extensions as the chemicals in the colorant may not be compatible with the chemicals used to process your extensions and the result may not be successful.

Do not chemically straighten or perm extensions.

Always use a good heat protection spray when blow drying, using straighteners, tongs or heated rollers. This will prevent your hair from frying. When you the heat protection spray on your hair then apply straighter it makes a crackling noise! This is what happens to your hair without the heat protection spray, only you don’t hear this noise so you are unaware of the frying taking place.

Don’t brush harshly and tug hair extensions as it can loosen and damage the connection which holds them to your scalp.

Guide after washing hair, blowing and using straighter

When your hair has been towel dried, before brushing use leave in conditioner through mid-lengths and ends, then apply a little serum in the same way, this will help brushing your extension easier. It is always much easier to brush hair when wet.

Then part the hair in 2 sections left and right then take a section at a time and brush the hair using your extension brush do this for both sides.

Next add heat spray,

You are now ready to use hair dryer, you will part the hair in the same and section by section you will blast the hair with dryer, there is no need to use a brush to blow dry (same applies when going to salon)

Once hair is fully dry put some more serum in before straightening.

The same rules applies when straightening part in 2 and section by section, once you have completed this put more serum in and a little hair spray.

The above will help your hair extensions last longer and help you look after them by following the above rules.


You can use any products but here are a list of some good ones

  • Leave in conditioner – Bed head Rockaholic born to rock
  • Serum Osmo essence shine
  • Bed Head – Self-absorbed (Hairs and Graces Supply)
  • Moroccan Oil (Hairs and Graces Supply)


Hair extensions are fun, fashionable and your hair is your crowning glory so enjoy. We supply to salons UK and worldwide including these locations