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Diamond Limited Nano Tip Hair Extensions


Nano Tip Hair Extensions

* 100% Human Remy Nano Hair Extensions
* Russian Mongolian
* 10A Grade Hair
* Lasts up to 1 Year plus
* Weight 1g
* Length 18″ or 20″
* 20 Strands Per Pack
* Double Drawn


Nano Hair Extensions

Diamond Limited Russian Mongolian Remy Hair Extensions

Nano hair extensions are the most popular and discreet hair extensions available, each Nano strand has a thin metal thread which fits into a silicone lined Nano ring, these amazing discreet Nano rings are 90% smaller than a Micro ring.

Hairs & Graces Nano hair extensions start from 18” to 20” each strand is 1 gram.

Here at Hairs & Graces hair extensions limited we have the best nano hair extensions in the UK, our luxury Remy hair extensions are thick from top to bottom so you can be sure to get the fuller look that you require.

Nano hair extension are one of the safest methods in the industry as there is no glue or heat for the application.


* 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions

* Russian Mongolian

* 10A Grade Hair

* Lasts up to 1 Year

* Weight 1g 18" or 20”

* 20 Strands Per Bundle

*  Double Drawn

We recommend for a full head of hair extensions 7 bundles of 20 grams

Purchase one of our hair extension colour rings to be sure you get the correct match with over 30 colours to choose from including ombre and mixed highlighted colours.

You can also see all of our hair colours on our colour chart page

All of our hair extensions are tightly packed in our branded packaging so you can be sure your hair is kept nice and neat when out for delivery to you.

As reputable hair extension suppliers, we aim to keep our customers happy and would like you to get the best out of our Remy hair extensions so please click here for aftercare and advice to keep your hair extensions looking healthy for longer.

Nano hair extensions must be fitted by a qualified hair extension technician, we provide hair extension courses please head over to our hair extension training course  page for more details

Hairs and Graces Hair Extensions Ltd has been established for over 15 years. We are one of the leading hair extensions UK suppliers, supplying the absolute best quality hair available in the UK. We run our hair extension business from our head office in Birmingham, where you are welcome to pop in to see the amazing quality of our hair extensions.

We specialise in Luxury Pre-bonded Hair Extensions, including Nano Tip Hair ExtensionsStick Tip Hair ExtensionsTape Hair Extensions and Clip in Hair Extensions and have our own premium lines called  Diamond Limited Edition that is very popular with celebrities and clients who want the most luxurious hair.

How long do Nano hair extensions last?

Answer: As a general rule of thumb, nano tip hair extensions should last 6-9 months in your hair with proper aftercare.

Are nano extensions bad for your hair?

Answer: Nano ring hair extensions are not harmful to your natural hair as long as they are fitted by a trained hair extension specialist. Because they do not require heat or glue to secure them to the hair, they are gentler on your natural hair

Is there anything I should avoid with nano tip hair extensions?

Answer: Please avoid putting your hair up for the first two weeks after having your extensions fitted as this can cause tension while the bonds settle. To avoid knotting, we recommend putting your hair in a low ponytail or loose plaits before going to bed.

Can you brush your hair with nano tip extensions?

Answer: Use a hair extensions brush (a tangle teezer is a good option): Use only the extensions brush on or near the bond; these are specifically designed to keep the bonds from becoming snagged. When brushing, it is critical to hold the bonds in place to prevent excessive tugging on the extensions.

How do you sleep when you have nano hair extensions?

Answer: 1) Use a silk pillowcase 2) Use a detangling brush 3) Braid your hair to protect it. 4) Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. 5) Make two buns 6) Wear a sleeping cap. 7) Tie a silk scarf around your hair. 8) Do not sleep with wet hair extensions.

Can Nano rings fall out?

Answer: Nano rings are naturally more prone to loss than any other method due to the size of the nanotip bond; therefore, those wearing or fitting nano tip hair extensions should be aware that losing anywhere from 10-20 hair extensions between each 4-6 week maintenance appointment is completely normal.

How many nano extensions do I need?

Answer: A full head application of Nanos typically requires 150-200 strands of hair; this is for adding both volume and length to the hair.

How do you wash your nano extensions hair?

Answer: 1. Thoroughly brush your hair. Brush your hair throughout with a Tangle Teezer or Hair Extensions Loop Brush. 2. Always wash your nano tip hair extensions in the shower. 3. Use appropriate shampoo and conditioner (sulfate free) 4. Lather and rinse. 5. Squeeze Out Any Extra Water then style as desired.

How frequently do nano hair extensions require maintenance?

Answer: The small rings and smaller sections of hair used with Nano Ring Extensions necessitate more frequent maintenance appointments to keep you safe and in good condition. Maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks, as opposed to every 6-8 weeks for Micro Ring Hair Extensions.


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