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Silicone Micro Rings


Silicone Lined Micro Rings

Silicone Lined Micro Rings

These are the safest micro ring to use as they are silicone lined which protects your hair.
The silicone micro rings are available in 6 different colours. Size: 4mm

Hairs and Graces Silicone lined micro beads are incredibly flexible, they are the ideal bead for fitting all methods of hair extensions.

We have six colour options including black, blonde, caramel , dark brown, medium brown and light brown. This means the silicone micro ring is easily perfectly concealed in the client's hair

Our silicone micro rings have an internal silicone lining which adds a barrier between the client’s hair and the bead. The silicone also adds additional grip. These silicone lined micro rings are a hair extensionist number one choice for micro ring hair extensions.



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