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Silicone Nano Rings

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These are the safest Nano ring to use as they are silicone lined which protects your hair.

The silicone Nano rings are available in 6 different colours. Size: 3MM

Silicone Lined Nano Rings

Nano rings are the perfect ring for correctly applying nano hair extensions. Each tiny bead has a silicone lining that works as a protection between the extension tip and the natural hair.

Hairs & Graces silicone lined Nano rings are available in six different colours to choose from to make sure the rings can be easily discreet within the client’s roots. We advise always matching the silicone nano ring to the clients root rather than the hair extensions.

Tools you will need to apply Nano hair extensions include, hair extension pliers, extension threader (also known as a loop), tail comb and sectioning clips.

Our top quality tiny discreet Nano rings are 90% smaller than any micro ring, which makes them easily hidden in your hair and makes putting your hair up and styling so much easier without having to worry about seeing the rings.

Nano rings come in pots of 100, 200, 500 or 1000 whether you’re purchasing for maintenance or if you’re fitting many clients we have to amounts you require.

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    Excellent product

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