One of the number one questions we are asked by our customers is what is Remy hair?

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality hair for hair extensions. Many often think it is hair from a certain region of the world such as Europe or countries like India; this is simply not true you can have Remy hair from all over the world. What it is really is a description of the characteristics of hair and the method used to collect the hair. The hair extensions are collected by holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting, keeping all of the follicles lying in one uni lateral direction. The hair is bundled root to tip preserving the natural cuticle direction and creating a smooth appearance and feel. This method reduces tangling as the cuticles are maintained in their natural texture pattern.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin refers to hair that is not only collected and stored in the method above but also is unprocessed, this means that the hair has not been coloured, permed or chemically tampered with.

Best Hair Extensions

Many companies claim to sell 100% Remy hair extensions but are mixing up to 50% of the pack with non-Remy hair. If you are an expert you can tell the difference by how it feels, it should be silky smooth. If you use your own hair as a comparison, try smoothing your hand down the shaft of your hair from root to tip and notice how it feels. If you now do this the opposite way working up to the root you will notice how it is less smooth and tangles, this should be a good guide on what type of hair you have purchased.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Remy hair extensions should last at least 3-6 months depending on how well they are fitted and maintained. This also depends on the quality of hair you buy, we stock hair that ranges from 3 month to a year! It is essential that you use someone qualified and experienced. One of the best methods is using silicone micro rings as this will ensure that you do not damage your natural hair or the extensions.

Hair Extension Care

Hair extensions made from human hair can be processed dyed, heated, straightened and curled. It can be washed, and treated just like your own natural hair. Please see our hair extension care guide for tips on how to keep your hair extensions beautiful.

How Much Are Hair Extensions?

So how much can you expect to pay for extension? This can be anywhere from £20 for cheap synthetic hair extensions which cannot be processed as above and will melt under heat. For genuine Remy hair extensions you will expect to pay anywhere from £200-£800 for a full head of human hair extensions.

I hope this has cleared up your understanding of Remy, if you have any questions about our hair please give us a call and we will happily answer any questions and advise on the best options for you. We are one the largest wholesale suppliers of Remy hair in the UK and also deliver worldwide.